Making a Pediatrician Match

I am the worst person to write this post.

I’m not satisfied with the boys’ pediatrician.

She is a wonderful lady. And a long term doctor but a lot of the things she advises, I don’t agree with her.

First, she advised that we add cereal to one of the boy’s bottles.  He was a spitter but a happy spitter, so I was confused as to why she would recommend it.  Especially since I wanted to breastfeed exclusively and that dream was demolished…why would I be open to adding cereal to a two month old baby’s bottle?  Tons of research says not to:  1. babies cannot regulate the calories correctly 2. their bodies are not ready for solids (and cereal is a solid) at such a young age.  The Nugget’s only had BM’s like twice a week when they were that small (crazy right?) and I didn’t want to do anything that would potentially constipate them.

Second, her team advised that we start or continue the Hepatitis B vaccinations.  This is a big one for me.  Let me say first, I don’t care if you vaccinate your children or not.  What I chose, is my choice and what you chose is your choice.  What bothers me is the lack of education.  The doctor’s tell us “its routine” and we should comply.  For the most part, I believe modern (western) medicine has done outstanding things but it’s not the know all.  Mistakes a plenty have been made as well.  Ok…off subject.

In the hospital I was asked to sign off on giving the boys Hep B vaccines right after birth.  I asked why and the nurse said, “we just do”.  I worked in hospitals and know very little about the clinical side of things but I do know that Hep B is a blood born pathogen.  Meaning, only getting infected blood in my eyes, nose, mouth or open wound is how I can contract it.  So tell me why my fresh new baby would need this vaccine?  I declined the vaccine at the hospital.

When we were finally released from the NICU and saw our pediatrician she smiled at me when I asked why they would need a vaccine for a blood born pathogen.  She informed me that if the mother had it and the babies were born vaginal delivery, the baby would need it ASAP to prevent contraction.  Well my Nuggets were born C-section and I don’t have Hep B.  Why would this vaccine be offer to every single baby unnecessarily?  No bueno.

Lastly, she misdiagnosed Weston’s eczema as cradle cap.  He had both but cradle cap isn’t itchy.  My newborn baby was clawing at his head to the point where he would draw blood.  We, unknowingly, let this go on for way too long.  When I asked if we should see a dermatologist she was flippant.  In the end, we did see a specialist and got it under control.

I’m not a doctor.  I know being a doctor must be really hard these days.  With the internet diagnoses and know it all mom’s (eek) and malpractice lawyers…it makes it that much harder.  But I feel like we should connect or agree more often than not. My point is , if you don’t sync well regarding your children’s care you should find a new one.

Maybe my next post will be about how I found the best pediatrician ever.

What do ya think?

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