Let There be Cake!

I completely understand why people hire photographers for parties.

I am not a photographer.  I WISH.  If I had more time to devote to it, I MIGHT be a bit better but alas, I work.  And I’m a mommy.  And I’m a wife.  And then somewhere after that falls time to “invest” in my photography hobby.

On occasion, I get a great picture.  My aperture, ISO and shutter speed is juuust perfect.  Then I feel great.  But when I try to do it again, it’s a flop.

I digress.

I handed my mom my complex camera and asked her to just point and shoot.  I didn’t get many good pictures.  Like maybe one.  I was so busy that the few times I tried to get a picture in, I didn’t get to balance my gray-scale.  Or open up to let in enough light.  Or it came out grainy.  I even tried to use my flash…and got the dreaded flash shadows.

I’m disappointed because The Nuggets only get to have one, first birthday party and I didn’t document it well.

I did get a great cake though!


Our party theme was construction.  Nicole with Juju’s Occasion Cakes in Arlington made this little gem for us.  She also made the cake for our gender reveal as well, I was so glad to have found her via Google!  Not only are the cakes pretty, they are YUMMY.  We got quite a few compliments on both the look and taste of the cake.  Nicole even made two separate cup cakes for the boys to “smash” and different flavors for each tier of the cake.


WestonThe Nuggets like chocolate cake.

IMG_2597 weston3

Additionally, we had smash cake pictures done professionally with our fav photog, Brittany with B Faith Photography, prior to the party day.  Again, so lucky to have found Brittany, she is what I want to be when I grow up.  Stay at home mama with mad photography skills.

Their party went by so quickly and that makes me sad but onto bigger and better things!

Weston is walking!  Like really walking!  He stands himself up and takes off.  Still cautiously and slowly but more and more every day.  Corbin is standing solo but not really taking steps yet.  Such an exciting time in our casa!

We can celebrate with leftover cake!

What do ya think?

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