One Year

This happened one year ago.


My boys.  The Allen Nuggets.  Weston Lain and Corbin William.

It was a bit unexpected.  After one pre-term labor scare at twenty seven weeks. Two hospital stays and nine weeks on bed rest, The Nuggets made their debut at thirty five weeks and six days.  My doctor was so happy and proud that I was able to make it that long.

The Nuggets were born via C-section because Corbin was breach.  The boys regulated their body temperatures, blood sugar and were breathing on their own.  As soon as possible (I would say within the hour), the doctor’s and nurses at Baylor Medical Center Grapevine, had those boys on my chest doing kangaroo care/skin to skin.  They were helping me try to get them to latch on too.  They did everything they could to make the C-section, and the care afterwards, less medical-ly.  I know that’s not a word.


I was one happy momma, although the picture doesn’t show that exactly….hey, I’d been up since 1:00 am.  Unfortunately a short 24 hours later, they took the boys to the NICU because they weren’t eating and had already lost more than 10% of their weight.  Later I learned C-section babies do lose a lot of weight.  They pump you full of fluids before you go in for surgery and the babies take on a lot of fluid as well, which inflated their birth weight.  You can read about the NICU journey in other blog posts, here and here and here.

365 days later, this happened….


They went from Weston being five pounds, to twenty two pounds! And Corbin being four pounds, to twenty pounds!  My Nuggets are considered “toddlers” now.  WHAT?!  Wait a minute…these are my babies!

At Target, the twelve month clothes are next to the 2T-5T and I want to have a crazy-mommy-moment and move it all back into the baby rack section.

They drink milk and eat cheerios.


They get excited when The Hubs or I come in from work.  They…errrr Weston, gets mad when we don’t give them what they want.Weston mad

This past year has been so much fun.


I look forward to so much more.

XOXO – Lindsey

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