The Beauty of Backpacks

I had just barely announced that I was pregnant and my mom was already buying stuff for me.

She called to ask what kind of diaper bag I’d like, “Do you want something designer-ish or more typical diaper bag?”

My mom knows me.

Designer-ish all day.

She bought me this giant Guess bag that is incredibly cute.  I carried it (the few times we went out of the house) and it fit every-thing. I got compliments. It was great. And stylish too.

When we were taking our vacation this past summer, I knew that the Guess bag wasn’t going to work.  First, I learned that The Hubs and I wouldn’t be able to sit together.  Read about that here. Therefore, we would need a bag per baby.  Second, and this is one that had bugged me all along, the bag didn’t stay on my shoulder well.  You know what I mean, when you have your purse on your shoulder and every time you have to bend or lean, it falls.  Well imagine a giant bag, filled with stuff and a baby in your arms and it keeps falling….it’s quite annoying.

Enter backpacks.  They’re not a new concept.

One bag, per baby.  The Hubs already had one and it would work perfectly.  I also had one.  From HIGH SCHOOL.  It was a mess and therefore it ended up in the trashcan.  I almost bought a cute, fashionable backpack. I mean, I am always up on the new trends.


Anyways, I wandered over to the regular kids school backpacks….and they were soooo much better!  Lots of pockets and easy access areas and therefore, I caved on my desire for fashion and went with a plain ol’ Adidas backpack.

And I’m never going back!

When you’re carrying the baby(ies) in those big bulky car seat carriers, having a bag securely on your back is The. Way. To. Go.  Obviously, The Hubs likes it because he wasn’t a fan of carrying around my Guess bag 🙂  All the little outside pockets have easy access to wipes and cleaning spray for toys and pacifiers (<– total life saver).

Side note: We don’t use two bags on a normal basis because we can fit what we need into one backpack on most outings.

The only type of bag I haven’t tried would be messenger style.  You know…slings across one shoulder to the other hip.  I could see perks for this back too.  No slipping off the shoulder, easy access pockets and you’d be able to get into the bag, while it is still on you.  Only downfall to the backpack.  I’m pretty sure The Hubs would be flabbergasted if I came home with another (4th) diaper bag.  So we will stick with the backpacks!

So think long and hard before you buy that designer diaper bag and I say, just go with the trusty Jan-sport!



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