Too Soon

I cannot believe The Nuggets will be an entire year old next week.

It doesn’t feel like an entire year has passed since the night my water broke, and in the wee hours of the morning, I was finally able to embrace them in my arms.

Since then, a lot has happened.  Obviously.

Weston Lain is a whopping 22 lbs, 6 oz and is 29″ tall.  That puts him in the 75-95 percentile.

I mean, who wouldn’t think I’d have tall kids?  Duh.  I’m 5’11”.

He is also starting to take very cautious steps but hasn’t coordinated more than one or two.  He had TWO more teeth come through on the bottom this week, which has also made him, let’s just say….feisty.  That brings his teeth count to a total of eight.  Weston is eating pretty much everything I put in front of him.  Except eggs.  When he puts scrambled eggs in his mouth, he immediately opens wide, puts his tongue out and eggs come tumbling down into his lap. He does like chicken nuggets, cheese, cheerios, waffles, toast as well as, all the usual fruits and veggies we’ve been munching on since about 7 months.

Corbin is still my little peanut.  Josh actually got me a peanut charm for my bracelet after the boys came home from the NICU.  My little guy, that started off at 4 pounds, is now rocking in at 20 lbs even and is 28″ long.

He is musically inclined like The Hubs (this mommy had zero to do with that) and even though he seemed slower to get moving, I wouldn’t be surprised if he and Weston started walking around the same time.  Corbin is also mimicking your words more closely.  He watches your mouth intently when you are trying to encourage him to say something.  He says ma-ma! Although, I’m sure he doesn’t actually mean me.  He is waving bye-bye as well and it melts my heart.  Corbin’s smile is an adorable snaggle tooth grin.  His two teeth on the bottom still and three on top, with one of his front teeth missing.  When it comes to food, Corbin is a more finicky eater. If you give him time though, he will usually eat whatever you give him.  Even eggs!  Not a fan of green veggies unless there is apples mixed in with them.

I have two very healthy and happy boys.  And although it feels like it’s too soon for them to already be a year old, it feels like a million years ago that we struggled to get to this point.  I call it selective memory….remember the good, try to forget the bad.

2 thoughts on “Too Soon

  1. lindsey October 1, 2014 / 5:05 PM

    Hi!! I found your blog after researching ivfmd! I will be starting my first fresh transfer with dr. haas really soon. (like should have started yesterday haha) your boys are precious!

    • lallen2882 October 3, 2014 / 2:28 PM

      Good LUCK! Dr. Haas is great too! You’ll be so happy you picked IVFmd!

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