Eleven Months

My Nuggets are ELEVEN months old!


Where has the time gone!  It has been so much fun and continues to be even more fun every day.

The boys are all over the place.  Their little personalities…especially the sassy parts are really starting to shine through.

Corbin has his two bottom teeth and then a front snaggle tooth…two spaces to the right and he has another random tooth coming in.  It will be an interesting smile to say the least.  He has already starting “expressing his dislike” in things or situations. Whether it be me making him sit down in the tub or the little walker he marches behind getting stuck, he definitely lets you know he’s not happy.  Although he also likes to “hug” by putting his head down on your shoulder and he now gives kisses too.  This mommy loooooves his love.  As I mentioned above, he’s walking behind a toy walker and cruising along furniture but he’s still pretty unsteady by himself.

Weston has a whole bunch of teeth now!  He had two top front come in within a day of each other and then the two to each side came down within a few days.  He was bit grumpy but overall, it hasn’t been a really “rough teething” with either of them.  I honestly thought Weston would have been walking by now but he’s still a super fast crawler.  He does pull up quite quickly and has been seen to stand up solo, but no steps yet.  I’m not worried.

I don’t know their weight or height, our doctor’s appointment is next week. They are wearing 12 month clothes….Updates to follow.


They are eating all kinds of things.  We noticed Weston’s eczema flared up pretty badly after I introduced yogurt and therefore we are avoiding any dairy for him.  We are working on eating less purred foods and more mushed and/or solid.

I’m excited for what’s to come and sad that this first year has gone by so quickly.  My heart expands with love and pride every day and I’m so lucky to have these boys.


One thought on “Eleven Months

  1. katisimone October 1, 2014 / 9:12 AM

    So bautiful little creatures….. 🙂

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