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Now that everyone and their mom have blogs, there is a lot of information out there. Whether it’s advice on what to eat while pregnant, what you need in the hospital bag, to how to train your newborn to sleep…believe me, I’ve read almost all of them 🙂 

With that said, there is a lot of conflicting info and you can pretty much find whatever answer you want. 
The Hubs takes this approach when he is sick and I’m pushing for him to see a doctor. He thinks Google can diagnose him accurately and it NEVER says he needs to actually see a doctor. Funny. 
Anyway, this post is my addition to the World Wide Web of info. I think I posted something similar in regards to breastfeeding.
Twin supplies!
My fav products to date:
1. Infant bouncer – these were probably our most used product. Our’s were monkeys and therefore called ” the monkey seats”. 

When our nanny first started, the boys we just under 4 months.  I showed her how I set these seats up, sit between them, and hold the bottles so the Nugs can eat. She said, “you feed them at the same time?!” I proceeded to inform her that she could try to feed them separately but the one without a bottle, would scream bloody murder.  The boys are 10 months and we still use them. At this point it’s just a great way to contain them for a few minutes to get a bit of formula in them. The blinky lights and toys were great for entertainment as well.
Without it even being said, I wish I was nursing and a stay at home mommy and didn’t need these seats but that is not the situation I’m in and therefore, the seats are still essential.
2. Super thick, high quality cloth diapers. For burp rags. No this mommy did not cloth diaper twins. If you have done that, you’re dedication is astounding. But since there is twice the milk and twice the baby barf, have quality burp rags. 
3. Bottles. Lots of them. That’s really the best advice. And to keep a sink full of hot soapy water soaking used bottles at all times. 
We used three different kinds. I had solely Medela bottles (again with the nursing) to begin with. The NICU advised we obtain a preemie nipple after Weston choked (and scared the shiv out of me) when we were still learning to eat. Believe it or not, only Dr. Brown’s offered a preemie. Then when it was time to bump up to more than 4 oz bottles I couldn’t justify spending the money on Medela (not pumping any longer) and the Dr. Brown had too many pieces. We ended up with Playtex with the natural latch. The boys did great with these and the silicon incert to assist with air bubbles worked wonders.
3.5. I know there is no such thing as 3.5 on a list but this one piggybacks on #3.  And it’s my list, so I can do whatever I want. I digress. The grass AND a bottle rack.

With all the bottles you have you need both. The spin rack is best for the actual bottle and nipples but the “lawn” rack is stellar for everything else. I’m pretty sure tat even after the bottles are gone. The lawn will still be on my counter for drying bowls, spoons, sippy cups, etc.

4. Activity centers (of any kind)

We bought one from Baby Einstein (above pic) and Evenflo (bottom pic). They both have their own positives but as soon as the Nuggets were stable enough to be in them, the looooved ’em. The Einstein was sensory overload with music and cranks and rattles galore! The Evenflo seemed to be the less favored until…they learned to use their weight to make it bounce! Now, it’s their favorite. As they’ve gotten older and more mobile, we use these as a safe way to contain them. For example, when one has completely blown poo out of his diaper and you need to leave the room (covered in said poo) there should to be a place for the other babe to chill safely.  I wouldn’t recommend leaving your child alone for any length of time but you understand what I mean. I hope.

5. Snap and go stroller frame. 
I got this sucker off Amazon for $80 and it was worth every penny. The car seats are heavy with babies in them and since one person cannot carry both (I don’t care how buff you think you are, it’s too awkward!!) I left the house approximately 3.4 times with both boys by myself and I couldn’t have done it without this. You don’t even have to take them out of the car seats. 
These few products are what I thought of (pretty much immediately) when I asked myself the question, “what could I have not survived without, with twins?” There are many other favorite baby products but not necessarily for twins. 

I sure love these two. 

Xoxo – Lindsey 

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