I’ve had so many ideas for posts and with all of the things going on, they flit through my mind quickly and disappear.
Then when I actually have a chance to post…I’ve got nothing.
Speaking of things passing through my mind without sticking…we were at the doctor this week (we’ve all got some sort of cold and the boys first ear infections). That means the boys were weighed and I can finally answer that question (for whatever reason it is poised a LOT)!! Except I cannot remember exactly.
I know. I’m a terrible mom. Ugh.
I’m almost positive Weston was slightly over 19 lbs and Corbin was 17 lbs and change. I remember thinking the two pound lead was still being held strong. BUT Corbin is longer. For a chick that has always been proud of being tall, the length stood out. Mr. C was at 29″ and Mr. W was at 28″.
Congrats Corbin, you’ve exceeded your brother finally.
That is not the battle I’ve referred to above.
Leaving my babies.
Returning to work initially wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I always knew I’d go back. I always knew I would have to go back. I wanted to interact with adults. I needed to feel like I was contributing. I wanted to continue with my career growth. 
I feel so differently now. 
Especially after a week with them non stop.  It’s a lot of work. But they are so interactive now that it’s heartbreaking to leave them now.
Our situation hasn’t changed much so it’s not that staying home is really an option but it definitely creates turmoil for me. 
I’m also unsure if I really want to be a full time SAHM. I think I could actually go kinda crazy doing that too.
Hence the battle.

What do ya think?

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