I’m not even a blogger anymore! 

I am totally missing out here…
So much is going on and with the new job, I’ve just dropped the ball altogether.
I’ll catch up soon. Maybe.
In the meantime, I’ll lose any of the few readers I had. Sad day.
The job is going great. It’s totally different and I really needed that change of pace.
The Nuggets are doing well. We just came back from a wedding in Houston. The first time I left them over night. Not fun. I had a lot of guilt and I covered it up with one too many glasses of Chardonnay and the next morning I felt like the worlds worst mother.
Corbin didn’t sleep through the night for the first time in months and woke up in a strange place, calling for his mommy and although his Momo is wonderful, he didn’t get his mommy.
I’m trying not to beat myself up over it but it’s not easy.
The car ride home was prolonged by much holiday traffic, multiple car accidents and a couple of poopy diapers.  It wasn’t ideal.
I have less than a week to prepare for our vacation and first flight with the boys.
Thank The Lord for bloggers and Google. I’ve learned that American Airlines would make us check our double stroller at the ticket counter and not the gate because it’s over 20 lbs. How does that help me get them through the airport. We just bought the stroller for this trip. We bought the Baby Jogger Citi Mini GT. I could do a whole other post of that purchase.
I also learned (not from the airline employees) that we cannot sit together. There is only one extra oxygen mask per row, so two lap infants is a no go. And on our particular plane, the seats are one and two across, so I had to move our seats to sit one in front of the other. No one in reservations even knew the rule. Thanks for saving us again Google! 
I might as well help spread the news too.
The Nugs are nine months this week. Time is flying and I’m trying to enjoy every second of it. I feel like I’m missing so much though so I try not to focus on that and realize this is just life.
Weston and his cousin Julia
Me and Corbin snuggling before bedtime

The Hubs and I enjoying some pool time at the hotel.


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