Mother’ Day


My first Mom’s day under my belt.
We didn’t do anything special. Went to church. Thought about going to brunch but instead made a drive by…saw the lines of people waiting and decided breakfast at the house would be just fine.
The Hubs got me beautiful flowers.
And a card that was uber sweet. It said something along the lines of “you, and our family, are my happily ever after”.
Awwwe. So cute. Don’t gag at the mushy-ness.
No really. I cried.
The Nuggets. Well they’re my boys and nothing could be better than having them this year.
I can’t seem to put into words my emotion.
Shows my awesome writing skills.
I mean, just look at them…
Being a mom is something I always knew I wanted to be. I never stopped to think  that it would be anything except something that happened naturally…and exactly when, and how, I wanted it to occur.
In mother’s days past, I’ve been wished a “happy Mother’s Day” by cashiers or waiters and had to grin and bare it. Squeak out the word “thanks”, while tears threaten behind my eyes. Some people have the approach that Mothers Day is a day to celebrate all women but to me, (and I can have an opinion) it is truly a day to celebrate and appreciate moms.
I waited a long time to be called Mommy and therefore it’s hard to put into words how fantastic it feels to be able to celebrate Mother’s Day, as a mom.  (No the Nugs are not saying Ma-Ma yet.)

Now to the lady that helped make me the super-awesome-totally-talented-mom-wife-friend-woman I am today…

Mary Maureen Momo Margaret Pellatt Maltz
Don’t let her little stature trick you, she is a force to be wreck’n with. I love her. Thanks for all you’ve done and all the things you continue to do for me. Here is to a great Ma/Momo!!
Actually, here’s to all the Mom’s out there!!
Xoxo- Lindsey

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