Oh how my Kindle has been ignored.

I love to read.

I probably wouldn’t have TV in our house except I love sports more than I love to read.

My Kindle was actually acquired.  My younger brother purchased it for himself to try to encourage him to read more.  I “borrowed” it and, very quickly, it became mine.  Thanks Kyle

In the matter of one year, I had read over 75 books.  The following year was about the same.  Then came the year of the pregnancy, the move, and bed rest.  You would have thought that I would’ve read a TON while on bed rest for 9 weeks.  Honestly, I didn’t.  I worked from home and watched a little TV and slept.  I read books but they were mostly pregnancy/baby books that people gave me.

Then the Nuggets arrived and I downloaded Babywise, but other than that, nada.  I pretty much forgot about several books I was waiting on as well.  Note: I wouldn’t recommend downloading baby books.  I always go back and reference stuff I’ve read and that was difficult to do when I couldn’t highlight/book mark stuff.

I digress. The Passage’s final book, City of Mirrors by Justin Cronin ( the first two are reviewed here), which was supposed to come out in Nov ’13 has been delayed until this year. I almost burst with excitment when I realized I had gone past the original release date and then was disappointed when I saw the delay.  That’s okay, it actually gives me time to re-read the The Twelve (book #2).  I have The Hubs hooked on this series as well.  Major bummer is the release date is vaaaaague.  2014…I mean, a whole year?  Can it not be narrowed down a little bit?!?!?!

Another book I forgot about is The Eve, which is the final book in the Eden trilogy by Keary Taylor. It came out last month. 

As a super, ultra, quick book review, this series is more dysotopia and sy-fi-ish (seems to be a bit of theme with me).  Summary: the world ended because of TorBane, which was developed to help any ailment humans suffer from.  Instead, it took over the human body and they were no longer humans, instead robots.  Robots that only wanted every human to be a robot too. Enter robots taking over the world.  Eden is the heroine of the books.  She’s a bad ass. She’s relatable and she’s in love with….who? Don’t want to spoil anything here. There is plenty of suspense and action with just enough love story and some definite twists.  I’m excited to read the last of the series.

Now that the boys are in a stage where we can chill out a little (until we hit the walking stage) maybe I can get a little reading done.  Maybe?

What do ya think?

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