Work Out

If you know me, you know I am a work out person.  I enjoy working out.  I also need to work out.  For mental sanity, I need it.

I really enjoy eating healthy and exercising.  Unlike some people, I don’t really have to force myself to do it.  Well, I don’t have to force myself all  of the time.  It’s ridic to say I love sweating and exhausting myself every day and eating carrot sticks, but I’d be lying.  But I do like the way I feel when I’m being healthy…which means working out and eating sensibly.

After being on bed rest for 8+ weeks and then having a C section….that means ZERO work outshot almost 4 months.  I am ahhhmazed and bewildered that I didn’t gain 100 pounds while on bed rest.  I ate my fair share of junk food. Actually, if I craved any type of candy and mentioned it to The Hubs, he would come home with it for me.  I honestly should have gained much more than I did but either way…it’s not all going away.

The majority of my pregnancy weight fell off.  I was surprised actually, how much weight came off and how my body started to get back to itself pretty quickly.


I have a stingy 12 pounds that are sticking.  To my love handles.  My belly. And a bit on my thighs.

And I haven’t worked out. Once.  I’ve done sit ups, push ups (or attempted), lunges, squats, jumping jacks, knee lifts, anything I can do while bottles are heating up or the boys are sleeping. We’ve also taken plenty of walks (weather permitting) But to me, that doesn’t really count.  I need to get back to pounding the pavement. Hard. Sweating. A lot. 

When? That’s the question.

What do ya think?

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