Not Colicky

I prayed. And prayed. Annnnd prayed while I was pregnant that the twins wouldn’t be colicky babies. I was worried. Towards the end of my prenancy I started to really comprehend the challenge of newborn twins and was truly  intimidated.

It has been challenging but I bet it’s been easier than someone who has a colicky singleton. Colic makes having a newborn a whole new ball game. I thank the good Lord above that these two didn’t suffer from colic.
Now if we could just start sleeping through the night. Hell, I’d be happy with just one night time feed instead if two. 
I’ve saturated my brain with too much information. I continually think I’m doing something wrong. I return to work in less than a month and unlike The Hubs, I cannot function with the limited sleep we get. I get an extra two hours currently that The Hubs (and the working Lindsey) does not get. Those two hours will be greatly missed if these boys don’t drop a feed.  
I recently read Becoming Babywise and according to them, we should already be sleeping almost 10 hour stretches! How are we so far off? We’re on a schedule. We are being consistent. We have a bedtime routine. We are starting the day the same time every morning…or trying to because the last two days one or the other has been waking up early. Argh!
In other news it’s almost Christmas! I have all my presents wrapped and under the tree. I had a lofty goal of doing cookies and treats for the neighbors but they are still a work in progress…
I also attended the annual ornament exchange hosted by my best friend and everyone was talking about how much had changed in just one year. I definitely received the best gift I could have ever hoped for this year. 
Xoxo – Lindsey 

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