Smiles, Ice and Other News

Both The Hubs and I are pretty sure the boys are about to start smiling.

 I’m confident that Cor smiled at me briefly last night and The Hubs said West smiled at him this morning. That’s all we’ve seen so far. 

They are definitely more focused when looking at us too. Instead of cross eye and confused looks, now they really seem to observe us for minutes at a time. I’m so ready for them to really smile at us and not so fleetingly.

Aside from the absolute cuteness of it, it’s also a developmental milestone. It’s a sign of maturation. It usually occurs around 6 weeks (from due date) and I’d love for them to catch up. 

In other news, we came through Icemageddon here in a Dallas unscathed. If you some how didn’t get hit by this artic blast (it made its way across the US) North Texas got hit hard, due to a lot of precipitation and then plummeting temps left our roads very icy. To which we do not have the equipment to clear or the know how to drive in…and everything shuts down. This mommy right here was stoked! The Hubs “stranded” at home for a three day weekend was fantastic! 

Unfortunately my first girls brunch date in months was cancelled and I was disappointed. We were planning on Bolsa in the Bishop Arts District but maybe another time.

Some how. Some way I’ve got to get some Chriistmas shopping done. Heck, I just got the house decorated!

Xoxo – Lindsey 

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