Mommy Brain

Is it a thing? Like pregnancy brain? I spent all day yesterday thinking it was Wednesday. So much so I almost convinced The Hubs it was Wednesday! 

Pregnancy brain was serious. My memory is pretty good normally. When I was pregnant, not so much. Now that I’ve transitioned into mommy-hood, I hoped to get back to “normal”. Maybe in the near future? Maybe when we get a normal sleep schedule? One day.
I actually miss being pregnant. Do most people feel this way? It took us so long to get to that point and it I something I wanted badly, now that it’s over, I miss it. It ended a little sooner than expected too but that was always a chance. When we were in the NICU there was a super nice couple who had their twins at 27 weeks. Talk about ending too soon! Although, now that I think about it, that’s how far along I was when we had the first preterm labor scare. I wonder how they are fairing, if they’ve gotten to take their babies home yet.
I knew the hospital I chose was a level 3 NICU but I didn’t realize that meant they we experts at taking care of up to 24 weekers. I didn’t even know babies could  survive when born that early. Thank you research and advancements! Go Baylor Medical Center of Grapevine!
Lastly, why do people ask about other kids when you have a newborn? I haven’t been out much but when I am out I get about three questions:
1. Are they twins? Duh…
2. Do you have any other kids? Nope.
3. Do you want to have anymore? Well maybe let me focus on the brand new babies I have right now…
That’s all my ramblings for today.

XOXO – Lindsey 

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