Everyone is Home!

As you can probably imagine, we are busy around the Allen household.

Both boys are home! Hallelujah, thank you Jesus! Weston came home on Tuesday and Corbin followed just a short 48 hours later on Thursday morning.
As all new parents, we are surviving on minimal sleep. Both boys would rather sleep all day and party at night. I didn’t think they were really up all night when they were in utero so I wasn’t super concerned with them having night and day mixed up but they do.
I’m an anxious mess. My breast milk supply has still not increased, it’s pretty devestating to me because I never thought that my supply would be an issue. Never even crossed my mind.  This  has been the cause of many, many tears over the last two weeks, and probably more to come. How can my body betray me like this? I’m supposed to be able to sustain the life of my two offspring…
I worry that the boys are getting precisely 35 ml of milk/formula per feeding as a minimum, as required by the NICU. I’m fairly, slightly neurotic on my own and then add in the strict regimen expectations from the NICU and I’m justifiably crazy/worry wart. The Hubs keeps telling me to chill. The babies will tell us when they’re hungry. They’ll tell us when their full/tired/etc. everything will be okay.
I am so glad they’re home though. It’s nice to be an emotional-yoga pants wearing-no make up-wreck in the privacy of my own home.
The Hubs returns to work on Monday. This is interesting because he helps me SO much. Especially around the midnight feed and then around 4am/5am timeframe. Thank goodness my mom is coming up for a week to help with the transition. I am ready for a more structured schedule.
Who am I kidding? Twins. Preemies. Boys. I shouldn’t hold my breath on that schedule wish.

One thought on “Everyone is Home!

  1. Carolyn October 27, 2013 / 3:43 AM

    You're doing so great! I was a way bigger mess, and I had No excuse!

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