Being a Parent

Warning: Mushy post alert!!

EVERYONE says there is no love like the love you have for your children. They also say you cannot quite comprehend what that love is like until you have children of your own. 

I agree.
I wasn’t sure I agreed before. I thought, I love The Hubs with my whole heart. I thought I had been in love before him but I was wrong and I figured that out, once I felt the kind of love that we have now. I was sure I could totally comprehend strong love for kiddos as well. I was wrong again. Not to say that my love for my husband is any less strong than my love for the Nuggets, it’s just different.
I feel so fullfilled now. I am one lucky, blessed girl to have both of those types of love in my life. My boys cannot really show me that love yet but I’m sure my heart will explode when that day comes. 
The Hubs continues to amaze me with his patience and partnership throughout this ordeal. I only hope I love him back the way he shows me he loves me every day.
I seriously think I slobbered on Corbin today with all the kisses I was raining on his little head. 
Now the best news of all, Weston got his feeding tube out! He’s been pulling it out several times over the last few days. Well last night he took all of his bottles over night therefore they didn’t have to put it back in. He even ate a little extra at his 2 am feeding!! I’m so proud and excited and nervous. I fed him his supplement after nursing and this kiddo was choking food down he was eating so fast! I feel like there is light t the end I the tunnel with Wes! 
Even though I’m breastfeeding, we are limiting the time spent on the breast because they are slower (getting better tho) and we aren’t sure exactly how much they get. Then we supplement a bottle with pumped milk that is fortified with extra calories to help them gain weight. Complicated stuff, I tell ya.
Keep sending the prayers our way, I just want my family together, at home and healthy!

One thought on “Being a Parent

  1. Carolyn October 27, 2013 / 3:33 AM

    I'm reading this as I just nursed my sweet baby back to sleep. You are so right, there's just nothing like that love. It's a whole new “family love” feeling!

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