Birth Story

Isn’t that the name of a show on TLC? Wait, I think that’s A Baby Story. Either way it catalogs the birth of a baby. I used to watch that show with so much excitement of when it would be my turn. That became sadness and resentment over the years of infertility. Now I have (finally) my own story to tell.
It isn’t a super crazy ohmygishwealmostdeliveredinthecar kind of story but it’s my exciting story nonetheless.
Last Tuesday evening, I was talking to The Hubs about possibly canceling the scheduled c-section. I wanted to go into labor. I wanted my body to say “okay, it’s time to bring these boys into the world”. I knew I’d still be having a c section but I didn’t want the timing to be up to a doctor. I knew that could mean I would be pregnant longer than the selected timeframe but it’s what I wanted. The Hubs didn’t love the idea. He liked a nice clean, scheduled date. Well, it ended up not mattering anyways.
Around 1:00 am Wednesday morning, I got up to pee. I was a bit irritated because I had just gotten up at midnight already and I could usually make it two hours in between visits to the restroom. When I was done I remember thinking it felt like I had extra discharge, so I flipped the light on to make sure it wasn’t blood. Nope. No blood. Back to bed.
Once I climbed back in and finally found a semi-comfy position, I felt that extra discharge again. Darn it. 
I got up to go find a panty liner and had to jump back on the toilet as I could feel it increase. Uh oh. I think my water broke. Or more precisely, is breaking.
I put new undies on and went to call my doctor’s officec and the little automated message said, “if your water breaks, head to L&D”. 
I went to wake The Hubs, who bolted out if bed and asked if I “was kidding”. Nope. It’s go time.
My water continued to “break” all the way to the hospital. A friend had warned me about this possibility, so I grabbed a hand towel on the way out the door. I should have grabbed a beach towel!
Once at the hospital, things seemed to move at hyper speed. Since we were a c section, they didn’t check me but once. I was at one cm dilated and contractions were steady, not too painful but definitely noticeable. Turns out my doctor was on call! It also turned out her vacation started at 7am that morning. 
So we were thinking we would get checked in and would be set up for surgery in the morning. Nope. Let’s get this show on the road.
My water broke at 1:00 am.
We were checked in and triaged by 2:30-3:00ish.
Prepped for surgery from  a little after 3:00 am-4:00 am.
Babies were born at 4:25 am and 4:26 am!
As I’ve said again and again, I really would have rather had them vaginally but the c-section wasn’t horrible. I don’t want to do it again, but I survived it without any emotional scarring.
Additionally, with the boys being in the NICU, I talk to the nurses all the time and they think we did the right thing. They see the worst outcomes of births going awry and that in my situation, with Nugget B/Corbin being breech, I made the best choice for the babies.
As much as I want my sons to both come home, the care at Baylor Medical Center at Grapevine has been awesome. I work with/at this hospital, so I knew I was making a great choice but the staff of nurses on the Mom/baby unit and the NICU, are really wonderful and caring ladies and have exceeded my expectations. I’m so grateful that if the boys have to be in a NICU it’s there with the team I’ve grown to know really care about my family.

2 thoughts on “Birth Story

  1. Natalie Hinkley October 18, 2013 / 4:57 PM

    So glad everyone at the hospital has been so great, I am sure those precious boys are in good hands! Glad your C-section experience wasn't too bad. They are the cutest little guys!

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