Just Rest

34 weeks yesterday!

The Nuggets were measured.

Nugget A has a big ol’ head.  His head is measuring ahead a few weeks and his belly and legs are lagging.  The doctor didn’t seem super worried.  He just said, we need to see you twice a week now and keep monitoring them.  Question after question from The Hubs and the doctor elaborated that the most important part of the baby is the brain, so sometimes when the growing environment isn’t ideal (i.e. enough space) the nutrients will be sent to the brain.  He’s weighing in around 4.9 lbs, the cord flow, movement and heart beat are all good.  Just a big nogg’n.

Nugget B was in the same boat; his head is about on track for 34 weeks but his belly and legs are a bit behind.  He weighs in around 4.1 lbs, his cord flow, movement and heart beat are also strong.  He is still frank breech.

Dr. Payne reassured us that everything is still okay for now and quote “our babies won’t be bobble heads for our dashboards”.  He said he hopes to get closer to 36 weeks but if the environment becomes more of a problem, we’d should get them out sooner than later.  He told me to go home and…..rest.  Seriously?  Could I “rest” anymore? My weight gain is on track (31 lbs!) and my diet is healthy (minus the excess sugar).  Sooooo rest was the only advice.  Talk about a bummer.  I thought I was going to get my restrictions lifted towards the end but that is not happening.

I go back and forth about all this extra information because if they weren’t twins, they wouldn’t be measuring them as much.  Or if were were taking a more natural approach, I wouldn’t even get ultrasounds, let alone this amount of monitoring.  But multiples = high risk = extra info and care, right?

I see my ObGyn today actually to see what she says about the whole thing.

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