Bed Rest Winning

For as much complaining as I do about bed rest, there are lots of positives too.  I just need to do a better job of focusing on those….

Aside from the obvious, “it’s the best for the babies”, I’ve been thinking about the other positives, such as:

  • I get dressed approximately once a week.
  • I’m saving on make up, hair products and parfume.
  • I don’t have to buy any more maternity clothes (for work or special occassions…see item #1).
  • I do my hair approximately once a week.
  • My alarm clock hasn’t been used in months.
  • My nails look fabulous – no doing any dishes or chores or anything helps.
  • Saving tons of gas money.
  • Keeping mileage low on my car lease too.
  • No spending money on dining out.
  • My feet aren’t swelling like a ballon.
  • Even though I have aches and pains, I know bed rest makes it that much more tolerable.
  • My patience and control issues have been tested to the limit and I think improved drastically, as I’m forced to relent.

 There are probably more, much more, positives but that’s a start.  Way to focus on the positives!

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