I went into my doctor’s appointment yesterday thinking very positively. 

We forgot the suitcase that we pack before each appointment.  Not sure if I did this subconsciously or not but we ended up not needing it anyhow.

The cervix is holding strong!  Same measurement now for 3 weeks. While observing it, doc pushed on the top of my tummy/uterus and it didn’t budge.

He said “your cervix is being a champ”.  Bed rest combined with the Procardia (to control contractions) continues to work.  Hopefully around 35 weeks I’ll be set free.  Or semi-free.

The boys are weighing at 3.8 lbs and 3.0 lbs.  The doctor said we aren’t worried about the weigh difference because they are still in the percentage range that is okay.  Heart beats are strong too.  They are moving like C.R.A.Z.Y.

I feel so much better at this point.  We are at the 31 week marker!  Knowing the boys are already better off than a month ago when my body gave us a bit of a scare.  And with the way everything is stabilized, hopefully the Nuggets will stay in until closer to the safer delivery time frame.


What do ya think?

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