More Thanks to Give!

My parental units came to town for the long weekend.  The main goal was to try and get the nursery put together and be ready for the Nuggets.  Additionally, give Josh some time away from caring for my every whim.

First, I wanted to thank my mom.  She finished up everything that was left to do in the nursery.  She washed more clothes/blankets/towels/sheets.  Organized the mess of the closet by putting things in order and just overall making it look nice.  She also did the shopping/returning of things that The Hubs really did not want to do.  Mom also brought food.  Lots of food.  She had frozen lasagna, enchiladas, taco soup and more.  She ensured everyone was fed all weekend long.  And probably most importantly, relieved The Hubs of this duty for three or so days.

Next to thank is my daddy.  He put together the pack and play (which was more challenging then it should have been), bouncy seats, rockers and hung the blinds in the nursery.  Again, all things removed from The Hubs to do list. 

Of course it was also nice just to have others to talk to, and since The Hubs had to work on Saturday, they were around for company. The Hubs was no slacker, he got my shelves up in the closet but he also got a bit of fun in with Daddy on the golf course.  We also hit up the pool for a few hours, BBQ-ed and overall enjoyed the day on Sunday. 

Our maternity pictures were scheduled with Brittany at B Faith Photography for Saturday evening but she is also expecting and was having some challenges, add in the super hot tempatures (103) and we didn’t feel it was safe for either of us.  So, pending Wednesday’s appointment, we’ve rescheduled for next weekend (in the morning with hopefully cooler temps).  Keep your fingers crossed that I’m still stable!!

If the babies were to come tomorrow, I’d feel 100% more confident in being prepared. I am this close to posting pics of the nursery for your viewing pleasure but I’d like to get the curtains up and the dresser/changing table is scheduled for delivery tomorrow! Almost done.

One thought on “More Thanks to Give!

  1. Natalie Hinkley September 8, 2013 / 5:56 PM

    How great that they were able to come up and get things organized and set for you guys! I am sure Josh was grateful too 🙂

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