I had a doctors appointment yesterday.

This time we arrived with a packed bag, just in case they sent me back to the hospital. 
Dr. Graham said, “Remember, I’m just the messenger”. Good thing the results showed that I’ve stabilized at 2.6! That means I got to go home! 
When he started the sonogram to measure the amniotic fluid, he put the wand on my belly and it was a super clear shot of one of the Nuggets. He was moving his beautiful little lips and I was so excited. I feel them move all the time, I see my belly moving all the time too but it’s just different when I get to see them moving from the inside. 


I’m obviously already head over heels in love.
We also made it to 29 weeks!
Sorry for the crummy picture.  My photo editing software was acting up.  Or maybe it was my laptop.  Either way, I couldn’t crop and edit the photo very well.
This bed rest has caused me to lose some weight.  I don’t think it’s weight in a good way, probably any muscle that I managed to keep is now gone.  I cannot even imagine how hard it’s going to be to get back into shape after I’ve been given the all clear.  I think I’ll start with yoga and running walking.
Current pregnancy “side effects”:
  • Good sleep is quite hard to come by, because it’s I am easily uncomfortable.  Nugget B looooves to put his bum in my ribcage. Nugget A loves to give a swift kick in the middle of the night.
  • I’m craving Reeses Pieces.
Aside from the obvious bed rest, that’s about it.   Things are back to being pretty easy.  Except that I’m going crazy having to be 100% reliant on The Hubs.  He’s had to do everything around here.  Cooking, cleaning, shopping (his least fav), laundry, driving me to my appointments…I don’t even know what I could do for him to express my thanks.
My next appointment is on Wednesday, so until then I’ll enjoy being home!
XOXO – Lindz

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