Scared-y Cat

I’m officially afraid.

We are attending a child birth education class with the hospital where we will have the babies. I signed up for several reasons:

  1. The Hubs doesn’t know as much as I do about lady parts/birth/etc and sometimes I forget that – so this ensures he learns about it all.
  2. It came with a tour of the hospital <– we actually missed this class while I was in the hospital – needless to say, we didn’t really need a tour after a 5 day stint.
  3. There is a whole class devoted to breastfeeding.

Last night’s class was education on pain medication/options and cesarean sections.  I was pretty knowledgable about my options.  I was surprised to hear a girl in the class say she thought an epidural was “just a shot in your leg”.  Perfect example as to why these classes are available.

Anyways, we watched a video on what they do during a C-section.  This is important to me because with twins, it’s highly likely that I’ll need a C-section.

  • They cut through the skin and fatty tissue really low on your belly — they might even shave some hairs….eek!
  • The doctor moves your muscles aside.
  • Then they stretch the opening and clamp it back (cringe worthy)
  • The doctor carefully cuts the uterus and pulls the baby(ies) out the opening.
  • Yay the babies are here!
  • Wait, we’re not done yet.  The doctor has to stitch or staple the three layered hole up – which takes about 45 more minutes.
  • You have to heal from major abdominal surgery while taking care of brand new twins.

Did I mention I’m scared?

Many, many, many women have C-sections.  Whether they are planned, unplanned or emergency, they happen all the time.  It’s practically routine. I’m still scared.  I think, overall, I’m becoming more anxious because there are going to be TWO babies.  Not one.  One newborn is a lot to handle in and of itself but I’m having twins.  I know it’s possible.  I’m just getting nervous. 

The Hubs is staying home with me for the first two weeks and then my mom is coming for a week but after that…I’ll be on my own.  I guess this is the opportunity to show off my super woman skills….right?


One thought on “Scared-y Cat

  1. Natalie Hinkley August 13, 2013 / 6:25 PM

    eek, try not to think about the details too much, lol! I'm not gonna lie, I am scared for you having double newborn duty – I am sure you will be great at it though! 🙂

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