Out of Hot Water

When I saw the specialist last week, he expressed concern about my cervical length shortening (first indicator of preterm labor).  He said, “Reduce your activity and we’ll check with your next appointment.”

That appointment was today, along with my glucose tolerance test.

The length is okay, stable.  That is what they were looking for, I guess.  Whew.  I spent the last 6 days worrying they might put me on some sort of bed rest.  I have waaaaay too much to do still to be stuck in bed.  But of course, I’ll do whatever is best for the Nuggets.

The glucose tolerance test is to ensure I don’t have gestational diabetes.

When you are pregnant your body becomes very different…obviously.  I’m no medical person but I understand it to mean, ones body can become intolerant to sugar because the digestive process slows down so much to allow the baby(ies) to absorb all the good nutrients from you.  Your body has to adjust to how much insulin it releases and when, to ensure it is processed right.  That sums it up in layman’s terms.

This involves you sitting in the lab, chugging an orange flavored (yuck), sugary, sweet beverage in under 5 minutes.  Lucky for me, it was ice cold and the ladies in the lab were gabbing and keeping me distracted.  I love sweets. This was not horrible but it wasn’t enjoyable either.

Hopefully all is well because otherwise I have to watch my sugar intake and I have no idea how I’d do that…..  No news is good news. 

The Nuggets are moving so much these days I swear they are either 1. trying to escape via my belly button or 2. trying to switch places and then switch back.  The Hubs was laughing at how much movement is happening just by watching my belly. 

In regards to still needing to be ready the following needs to be done in the nursery:
1. Curtains – I am going to try and sew these.  Seriously…shouldn’t be that hard, right?
2. Crib Bed Skirts – Again, homemade…following this tutorial by Ernie Bufflo.
3. We need a dresser/changing table
4. Install shelves

Time to jump on it!

XOXO – Lindz

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