25 Weeks

Wednesday night we went to the Rangers vs. Yankees game.  Go Rangers!  The Nuggets were moving all OVER the place.  So I think they like sports after all :o)  A bit premature? Nahhhh.

The Hubs as well as my nephew and Mom

I saw the Perinatal Specialists yesterday afternoon which means I got to have a look at the Nuggets again 🙂

Nugget A (on my left) is still head down and weighing in at a whopping 1lb 13oz.  Nugget B (on my right) is still breech and he’s bypassed his brother, for the first time, at 1lb 15oz.  His head is up by my ribs but so are his feet.  Wha?  Yep, he’s folded in half.  This also explains why I feel so much movement on my upper left side — both sets of feet are in the same area.  Lots-o kicks to one area.
I read that this kind of breech (frank breech) is actually the best kind if I were to try and birth him naturally.  What is even better is that his head down brother would come first and “pave the way”.  I have a LOT of reservations about that, especially with twins but I feel the more I read about having the babies naturally, it actually is scaring me into accepting a C-section…which is counter productive.  I should probably stop using the Google Machine 🙂
I have several weeks of belly pics that I just need to upload from my camera.  This weekend.  I promise.

What do ya think?

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