One Month Bigger!

I’m falling down on the blogging job here lately.

I went to the doctor yesterday.

At almost 24 weeks, I’m measuring around a singleton pregnancy of 28 weeks.  That means 9 months pregnant I’ll actually look 10 months!  Ahhhh. 

I also got to have a sonogram yesterday.

The boys are so cute.  Even through a very grain-y picture.  Use your imagination. 

Nugget A likes to move. A LOT.  During the sono he managed to kick his brother several times.  Enough that Nugget B turned his back to him.  Ha!  They are still positioned with A head down and B breech but the sono-grapher said her daughter had twins and they were positioned like that all the way up until 36 weeks and the breech one switched so she could deliver.  There is still hope!

In other news….

The new house is coming along.  The nursery is almost done being painted (pics coming soon), a tree fell down after a bunch of rain the other day and the garage is finally unpacked and organized.  The list of honey-do’s goes on and on.

I might have mentioned this already but our new neighbors own a restaurant around the corner and it’s worth mentioning again.  Moni’s Pizza and Pasta in Arlington is stellar.  We’ve been twice now and neither time has disappointed.  We are probably a little bias because we were hoping it would be good…how awkward would that be seeing our neighbors and thinking their restaurant sucked?  But it doesn’t.  It’s great.  The atmosphere is total mom and pop shop, nothing fancy, but you can tell everyone there is enjoying themselves.  The food is deeeelish.  I ordered a small veggie pizza (pizza of course) and they allowed me to customize it outside of the options listed on the menu.  It came fully loaded, no skimping on the toppings.  The Hubs ordered Capellini de Moni with the pink sauce and added chicken.  He said it was rich and creamy without going overboard and again, no shortcomings on the extra grilled chicken.  The prices are quite fair, if not even on the low side, for what you get. The best money saver is BYOB, so you can bring in a bottle of wine or an entire cooler full of your favorite beverage and they offer you a cold glass!  They’ve been there for 20 years so the tenure alone should speak to the quality of the restaurant.

I travel for work the remainder of the week to my old stomping grounds, San Antonio, Texas.  I love that city and I’m looking forward to seeing some much-missed friends!

What do ya think?

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