The Hubs

I talk a lot. Ask anyone. On days at work where I’ve spoken so much I don’t want to talk when I get home, The Hubs thinks something is wrong.

And he doesn’t like it. 
He says, I carry the conversations and he likes it that way.
So let me tell you about The Hubs.
The Hubs and our cutie-patootie-nephew Michael
He is everything I could have ever wished for in a husband. Patient. Loyal. Honest. Loving. An ever elusive Romantic. Gentlemanly. He really is my best friend.
I gave him a Father’s Day card and included 20 reasons why I think he’ll be a great dad. It took me, like 2 seconds to think of 20 reasons.  He’s that great. 
He has his faults.  Like the laundry never makes it actually inside the hamper.  He leaves his boots, laptop, wallet, fill-in-the-blank where ever he takes it off.  But those are minuet things that really don’t matter.
A coworker of mine had twins.  Twin boys actually.  She said to me “you’ll be just fine, if you have a helpful husband”.  I thought…who doesn’t?  Silly thought since lots of dads can be hands off.  Just not mine.
I’m grateful that he’s was my other half of the team through all that we went through on the infertility journey.  I’m even more pleased that he’ll be the other half helping me raise these little boys, that will hopefully turn out to be just like him.

2 thoughts on “The Hubs

  1. Carolyn July 14, 2013 / 6:48 PM

    Aww that's so great and so sweet. I think to myself all the time I hope Eddie turns out just like his daddy :0) (but maybe a little more tidy)

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