Ultrasound Today

I’m a day short of 21 weeks and behind on my bump pics…

For your viewing pleasure; unedited and not with my normal theme:

19 weeks

20 weeks

I have an ultrasound scheduled this afternoon and I’m excited.  I want to see if the babies are still transverse (laying from hip to hip) across me or if they’ve moved.  I have two main spots where I can feel them all the time so I’m guessing the one who keeps kicking/punching my lower left side is the baby with the higher heart rate and then the one up by my belly button is the chill one – I only feel him a few times a day.

I have no idea how they are going continue growing and fit in there for 3-4 more months but that is the miracle of a woman’s body right?  Please no stretch marks. Please no stretch marks.

In a normal pregnancy, (i.e., not multiples) I wouldn’t have nearly as many ultrasounds as I’ve had to this point.  I would be going crazy too.  I am grateful that I get to see them once a month.

What do ya think?

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