The Twin Phenomenon

With the “epidemic” of infertility and all the fertility drugs out there annnnd the amount of families having twins due to the aforementioned, you would think having multiples would lose it’s shock value.

TWO sets of identical twins is a real phenomenon!

Let me tell you, it hasn’t.  Every time I tell someone that I’m having twins, the O-face I get always makes me smile.  I think it’s because when it is apparent that someone is pregnant there is no more surprise factor.  But you throw in that it’s twins (which isn’t obvious form appearance) and BAM, everyone is that much more excited.  A neighbor and friend I had growing up, had triplets (naturally, she was a twin herself) and talk about a mind bender! 

You know what I’m excited about?  My gender reveal party that is a mere week and half away.  I’m anxious too because the new house is a disaster but I think most people won’t judge me will forgive me if it’s less than perfect.  Might as well get used to it because with twins, I doubt my house will be in the condition I want it to be for a year.  Or more. :o)


What do ya think?

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