Moving in a Different Way…

We have relocated.  Again.

This time, only down the street about 15 minutes instead of an entire new city but moved nonetheless.

As the resident pregnant lady, I didn’t really move anything.  I directed. I pointed and I smiled.

I am happy.  This is a dream home.  It has plenty of space for us to grow into and growing we most definitely are doing.

I’m also nervous.  It’s a big home. It’s an old home. It has a pool. It’s a grown-up home.  Luckily, I have the most handy husband and he will ensure we are taken care of for sure.

I’m at the office right now and one of the ladies that had a baby is here with her 4 week old (gotta show him off!) and listening to his little squeaks of crying is pretty. darn. cute.

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