Worthless Worrying?

If you know me, if you’ve ever met me, heck if you’ve read this blog more than once, you know I am two things: 1. A control freak, 2. A worrier. 3. Awesome hahahaha. No really.

So I stumbled across this super cute blog, Recently Rimini by Ashley and she’s a blogger similar to me.  She hasn’t been blogging for long, it isn’t her full time job and really just uses it as a journal for life’s adventures.  That is not where the similarities end either.  She and her hubs went through the infertility journey which ended in a successful IVF procedure and resulted in twins.  Creepy huh?  Not really, many people share this story with us.

If you pop over to her blog you’ll learn she had her lil Nuggets earlier this year.  At 28 weeks.  This is where the worrier and control freak in Lindsey totally spazes out.  I’m at 16 weeks today.  If we were to continue along the same path and I were to have the Nuggets at 28 weeks I would only have 12 weeks left!!!!!!!!  Calm down Lindsey (great now I’m talking to myself)…

I have a doctors appointment next week and now I’m anxious to get there to ensure everything is looking/progressing well.  I actually have two appointments – one with my regular Ob-gyn and another that afternoon with a fetal-maternal specialist (multiples are automatically considered high risk).  This will be my first time meeting with the specialists and we’ll have another ultrasound to make sure the Nuggets are growing the same.  I’m also secretly hoping we’ll find out the genders (or at least get it in an envelope so we can do a gender reveal).

As much as I enjoyed reading Recently Remini, I am now worrying about having the Nuggets early.  We are still trying to buy a house.  We still need to move.  We haven’t bought anything to prepare yet.  It’s overwhelming.  We have really awesome friends and family network, I know we could lean on for help but I have my fingers crossed this belly becomes giant and as close to full term as we can get.


One thought on “Worthless Worrying?

  1. Natalie Hinkley May 23, 2013 / 6:01 PM

    That is scary to think about, but I think this is one of those things that you don't have control over unfortunately. Plus doctors and science are amazing these days, so I think there isn't too much to legitimately worry about 🙂

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