Long Weekends + Fry Mania + Cravings

I wonder if the world really would be better off if the typical work week was Tuesday through Friday and the weekend consisted of Saturday through Monday.  I just feel like I’m more rested when I have that extra day off. 

I decided to take a “mental health” day (The Hubs had a hay day with that terminology).  I didn’t do much except sleep in, do a few chores, meet The Hubs for lunch on the patio at The Ketchup Bar in uptown, get my toes done and relax.  I wonder if the weekend included Monday if it would be like that or if it would just get filled with the regular hub bub that the weekends fill up with now…?  Probably the later. 

The Ketchup Bar is a total must go.  The food is so stellar and the service is great.  The atmosphere is chill and did I already say the food is outstanding?  They obviously make their own ketchup and the different varieties are refreshing.  The gourmet burgers are unique but not too crazy and totally yummy.  You can sub a turkey burger on any of their burger designs, love healthier options.  I saved the best for last.  French fries.  I don’t eat much fried food but I do love fries. They offer sweet potato, hand cut, garlic chive, truffle Parmesan, spicy buffalo, or even zucchini fries.  OMG. As I mentioned, it’s a must try if you’re in the Dallas area!

The Nuggets will definitely like french fries if they get anything from their mama.

Also, this pregnant chick should not watch How It’s Made on the Food Network channel.  I was watching how gummy bears and Goldfish are made and I then proceeded to go buy gummy bears and eat almost the whole bag.  And, although I resisted the temptation to purchase Goldfish too, I think about those little crackers. A lot.

this pic is making me want them now….

That’s my craving list this week 🙂

One thought on “Long Weekends + Fry Mania + Cravings

  1. Natalie Hinkley May 23, 2013 / 6:03 PM

    Ooh, homemade ketchup? That sounds yum! I can't remember the last time I had a gummy anything, I need to remidy that…lol

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