Da Bump

It’s funny that one of the pieces of advice that I’ve received several times from women that have already had babies is, “take more pictures of your bump”.  I thought that was a given.  I have taken several pictures of my non bump but right now it’s small and you only really notice it when I’m in my undies and I’ll save you all from that image.

Last night I had a dream where I woke up and my belly just popped out.  It was as big as a basketball over night!  It didn’t actually happen.  Just in case you were wondering. But compared to last week, there is definitely a pregnancy happening in there. 

A lot of women say it does seem to happen over night.  Medical stuff say it’s when your uterus can no longer fit in the pelvic cavity and it just..sorta…pops out.  So my dream isn’t that cra cra :o)  I’m at 14 weeks and what I didn’t realize is, only now have I finished the first trimester.  I have to actually complete the full 13 weeks to be considered a graduate to the next level.  Either way, I made it.

We also made it public.  Good ol social media.  Facebook is convenient though to be able to ensure you didn’t forget to tell anyone.  We made sure to tell close friends and family first so it wasn’t impersonal.  The most fun thing to me was to tell my 84 year young grandma.  When I told her, she was very excited for us and when I added that it was twins, I thought we had gotten disconnected.  She said, “you’re not joking?”  Now my grandma had 11 children, no multiples (bless that woman) and I had no idea how fast she would get on the phone to tell everyone.  By the next day my mom had messages from all 5 of her sisters and a few of her sister-in-laws.  The work crew knows too.  It’s all out there.

I’ve had better weeks in regards to how I feel but this week has also been stressful with the whole house search endeavor. We have narrowed it down to three.  We are going to proceed with an offer on the first one and see where it goes.  This will actually be our second offer.  Ugh.


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