Officially 2nd Trimester

Yay!  I’ve graduated to the “safe zone”.  This makes me so happy.  When you’ve wanted something as badly as I’ve wanted this, there seems to be that little part of me that says something negative, something could go wrong.

Having twins is automatically categorized as high risk but I’m not worried.  I’m going to focus on the positives and remain in a good place and enjoy this pregnancy that we’ve wanted for the last 5 years.

Speaking of enjoying pregnancy, it really hasn’t been bad at all.  The nauseous-ness has pretty much faded.  Sometimes in the evening I get a little bit, but that’s it.  My cousin barfed her brains out for the entire 9 months so I totally recognize how wonderful it’s been this far. I’m aware that I will be pregnant, in Texas, in the summer (100+ degrees daily) but I’m not worried.  I’ve got this :o)

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and although we didn’t get any new pictures (The Hubs was quite sad about this), I did get to hear the heartbeats again.  Nugget on the right was 164bpm and Nugget on the left was 158bpm.  When I told The Hubs, he said right away “It’s a boy and a girl!”  Which is his preference, I think…  I laughed and said “one is going to take after me and one you” – because I’m high strung more energetic and he’s laid back.

I seriously only wish for God to grant us two healthy babies but my preference would be two boys. I always wanted two boys.  I’m a middle child born between two brothers and I totally enjoyed it growing up.  I never really wanted a sister.  I was never a girlie girl.  It would be pretty funny if I ended up with two girls.  God would be playing a joke on me…and The Hubs.  I would also prefer they be the same sex.  Just because it would mean less clothes (no need for two full wardrobes), sharing a room, and a built in best friend.  Again, I’ll take whatever God gives me.  Although we have a lot of people on “Team Boy/Girl”.

House update:

We are waiting on the results from the loan appraisal, that we should actually get today.  Once that is done and cleared, we are on the home stretch to closing date May 15th!  I’m ready for this to go smoothly and be done with so I can start getting settled in the new place!  But first, first the dreaded packing…whomp whomp.


One thought on “Officially 2nd Trimester

  1. Natalie Hinkley May 1, 2013 / 2:29 PM

    I think I am on team boy/girl 🙂 That is the most adorable picture with all the flip flops! And Happy late birthday by the way, hope you had a fun day!!

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