Photographer Wannabe

Remember when we used to look at someone and be like, “Sheeze, that person is such a wannabe fill-in-the-blank?”  Then it changed to “poser” at some point it was the “real Slim Shady” and since I’m old now, I don’t know the appropriate lingo.  I’ll stick with Wannabe.

This weekend, I over did it.  We marched our 5 miles on the March of Dimes walk with about 8,000 other people in the N. Texas area around White Rock Lake and it was great!  We read the back of families’ shirts that said “in memory of…” or “in honor of…” and it would list the name and birth date and how tiny these babies were, 1lb 9oz, 2lb 2oz and on.  There were far more survivors than not and I was so happy to see that.  There was even one family group who has been walking for 40 years, since 1973 for this awesome charity. Astounding.  Thanks to everyone who helps in this awesome cause to ensure the survival of preemie babies. 

Following our march, we hauled it home to get ready for another big event.  My SIL got married. It was a very intimate affair at the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens.  Totally gorg.  Super happy for that chick.  And if you have a free day, definitely go check out the botanical gardens in funky town – really pretty.

By about 5:00 that evening though I thought I was going to keel over.  I didn’t get a great amount of sleep the previous night and was up early for the walk and I guess I just plain over did it.  I keep thinking that I’m healthy and in decent shape and shouldn’t be tired out this easily.  I know, I know, every person is different and since this is my first, I have nothing to compare it to either.
Sunday, after church, I spent a huge portion (the rest of) the day on the couch recouperating, with the The Hubs being totally productive doing chores.  I felt like a bum.  It’s quite pleasant how nice and willing people are when you’re pregnant though. 🙂
XOXO – Lindz

One thought on “Photographer Wannabe

  1. Natalie Hinkley April 24, 2013 / 3:16 PM

    those gardens look really pretty! March of dimes is such a great organization, that is awesome that you guys participated!

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