In Just One Week

This morning we heard news that one of the people responsible for the Boston bombings is dead and the other is at large.  I only hope we can find out the reasons behind their actions but last I heard they would commit suicide before being apprehended (pretty much why one of them is dead).

Additionally, in the great state that I call home, we are mourning our own tragedy.  Yesterday morning a fertilizer plant exploded in West, Texas.  I know of the cute little town because we always stop at this baker/gas station – sounds strange but it’s a fantastic Czech baker that if you’ve ever road tripped down I-35, you’ve stopped, or should have.  They’ve confirmed 12 dead (most likely firefighter/first responders to the fire) and 200+ injured.  I also learned that to compare this to something, the chemicals involved were similar to the ones in the Oklahoma City bombing except times 100.  TIMES 100.  It was over a mile in radius of damage.  Follow this link for more info.  Again, my heart weeps. 

With so much sadness it’s hard to focus on the positives in life.  I know that God only gives us challenges we are strong enough to handle, mountains we are strong enough to climb and in that faith, we carry on with our lives. 

I’m thiiiiiiis close to finishing up my first trimester.  I promise, I will not be rushing through the rest of my pregnancy but with the chances of miscarriage dropping to less than 5% after the twelve week mark, I really just want to “graduate” to the next level and relax a little.

What’s going on with the Nuggets?
They are about the size of a lime. Which I think is pretty big when you consider how much bigger they are going to get.  Both of them
I’m still a bit nauseous when I start to get an empty stomach. 
I’ve gained 6 pounds to date.
I pee a lot.
I never get to go #2 – TMI, I know but it’s quite inconvenient.
I’ve told the most important people our happy news and the reactions never get old. — Twins?!?!?!? What?!?!?!?! OMG?!?!?!?!


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