Don’t Laugh

This post, following my previous post, is silly.  No better word to sum up how ridiculous I am.

This chick has been craving pizza like no other.

I pretty much cannot get enough of it.  Of course I haven’t been eating it daily or anything.  I’ve actually been awesome about ensuring lots of fruits and veggies are included in my diet, even more so then I usually do.  But pizza, for every meal, would be okay with me.

Anytime anyone talks about it.  If I see a commercial.  If I think I smell it, my mouth starts watering.  I’m practically drooling now over the above picture and I don’t even eat pepperoni or sausage.  I never really thought that pregnant people truly craved certain foods any more so than a normal person craved something but it’s totally not a wives tale.  I think my current love for pizza is ridiculous. 

I also contribute it to the food aversion side of being preggers as well.  Some food sounds absolutely grody.  Which makes pizza that much more appealing.

I’m out.

One thought on “Don’t Laugh

  1. Natalie Hinkley April 17, 2013 / 2:13 PM

    this made me hungry too…lol
    maybe this means boys because isn't that what salty food cravings mean? Old wives tale I think 🙂

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