Husbands and the Sh*t They Say

Well our Nuggets had another photo opportunity yesterday.  I was released to see my new Ob-GYN and had an appointment yesterday.  They want to do an ultra sound and were pleased to tell me everything looks great.  I got to see and hear the heartbeats again which are super fast.  She said it’s totally normal and that it’ll slow down after the first trimester.

When I got home, I showed The Hubs and he said, “do they still look like little aliens?”  I’m like, honey, they are cells that are multiplying a bajillion times a day to create a human being…they have to start somewhere.  Goofball.  He then wanted me to try and point out where the head was on the pics – which was impossible as they still look like lima beans.

 For those of you who don’t know, it’s kind of alien-ish looking but I love them nonetheless.

Let’s also just comment on the above model’s stomach and how flat it is still.  My stomach is not like that at. All.  This girl here is super bloated, the ultra sound showed that my ovaries (especially on the left side) are swollen.  That is supposed to go down right as my Nuggets start to show.  Soooo my pants have been snug since February and I’ll see no relief in the future.  I’m actually ready to start showing “for real” so I can buy some maternity clothes and feel justified in wearing it instead of just being bloated and chubbish.

I also talked to Dr. Kindrick about my risk for miscarriage.  She stated that previously u/s were not advanced enough to hear the heartbeats until about 12 weeks which is why that was the “magic date” of being confident in the pregnancy.  Now with the equipment being better and the ability to hear the heartbeat(s) already and see/hear that everything is progressing normally, my risk is minimal.  She released me to work out but told me take it slow at first and she said if we want to start telling people she wouldn’t advise against it but it’s our personal preference.  I’d like to wait until the in-laws are informed (this weekend) and then we’ll start telling friends.

Allen Nuggets on the way – so exciting!

What do ya think?

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