I had a very interesting and delightful dream last night.  One that involved myself being married to Alexander Skarsgard. Yum!

sorry Hubs

Anyways, I wanted to use that as a stepping block to a different conversation.  Why do we use the terminology our “hopes and dreams” in our conscious state when our dreams seem to be completely uncontrolled. I don’t actually “dream” of marrying Alex.  But I did.  It’s your subconscious, which I suppose is what you want but your conscious mind doesn’t allow it?  Does that make sense? How come I never dream about buying the perfect house or I never dreamt of getting pregnant.  Which are two “dreams” of mine. 

Maybe what are really goals in life we’ve started referring to as “dreams”.  I don’t think I like that phrasing because my dreams are not attainable.  Hello, I’m not going to marry Alex (in this lifetime).

Shouldn’t we encourage ourselves, friends, family, children to set specific and achievable goals?  I’m not saying don’t strive for high goals but to try and go for your “dreams”, well that doesn’t make sense.

Just something to ponder. Had any interesting dreams lately?

One thought on “Dreams

  1. Natalie Hinkley March 20, 2013 / 6:01 PM

    I think they are two separate definitions, sleeping dreams vs. dreams as goals. Much like bark is both a sound and stuff on a tree.
    That sounds like a nice dream though! 🙂

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