Looking Good

We are looking good.  Thank God.

The ultrasound just confirmed that I’m still pregnant.  The Hubs came too and as the nurse/tech was looking around, he was like, “uhhh what are we looking at?”  They took lots of measurements and my left ovary is still humongous which would explain why it still hurts.  The nurse told me that it would get worse before it got better because when you get a positive pregnancy all those HCG drugs they gave me are now naturally being produced (and increasing) so it takes a bit for everything to stop swelling. 

Again, I was told to continue to take it easy.  No heavy lifting, no running, no strenuous workouts or anything where I’m bouncing/pounding.  I tell you, I am feeling like a lazy bum.  My stomach is still quite bloated and combine that with not being able to workout and I don’t feel all that good about myself.  I need those workout endorphins! Although, every time I get this way, I think of the struggles we’ve been through and if I have to be fat and squishy and out of shape for a year (or so) to have this miracle, I can do it.

I didn’t see a physician this time but they scheduled me for another one in two weeks and at that point (I think) they release me to a normal OB-Gyn.  She did tell us it’s probably too early to be telling anyone, so we are cautiously optimistic.   The Hubs cannot keep a secret so he elluded to his dad AND my brother that we would have an announcement soon.  I wasn’t a happy camper at all.

Symptom-wise I’ve begun feeling a little more tired in the evenings and it’s super hard to wake up in the morning (but I’ve never been a morning person).  This morning I felt like I was hungover.  I couldn’t get going, zero energy and few dizzy/nausea spells. 

In other news, tonight we are supposed to go to Dakota’s with some of The Hub’s work counterparts and I’m actually not looking forward to it.  It’s a fancy shmancy steakhouse (this girl doesn’t eat steak) and I’m not in the mood to drop $150 on dinner.  Legit.  Maybe I’ll use my new found condition and regrettably decline the invite. 

What do ya think?

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