The Hubs

Let me tell you how much I love my husband.  It’s a lot.

I mean, he took this ridiculous Christmas picture with me (and my dog he “adopted” 8 years ago)
The hubs has been nothing but supportive.  He’s also been really honest.  Which wasn’t something I would ever question him on, except that he’s a people pleaser. Especially a Lindsey pleaser.  “Yes dear”, “whatever you want babe”, “sure you can have ___, no problem”. 

We went on this super ridic hike, that was my idea, and when I felt like I couldn’t finish because my knees blew up, he ran the remaining mile and went and got the car.  Total knight-in-shining-car that day.
Neither of us have fertility issues that run in the family.  We tried many different tests/doctors/options and we were told for 5 years that we were both perfectly healthy.  When we tried the Creighton Model I thought for sure it was me.  I was the problem.  After seeing a fertility specialist, he said my issue could slightly delay attempts at conceiving but would never hinder it to infertility for 5 years. 

The Hubs didn’t care.  He didn’t care if it was me or him.  He just wanted a solution.  And he was great with me talking through all of our options and what we wanted to do, not just me.  I can be a bit bossy, controlling, strong willed.

I love my husband.  I’m more than appreciative he picked me. And regardless of the outcome of next Friday’s results, I’m grateful it will be him and me against whatever comes next.

What do ya think?

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