Approaching a Big Day

Retrieval day is on the horizon. 

I am now going to see Dr. Lee and his staff (shout out to Nina <– love her, best phlebotomist ever) every other day.  This is fun when you work full time and have to send a request to your boss that you need an hour off pretty much every morning.  My boss is actually is super understanding – I filled her in on what’s going on too.

So yesterday was an ultra sound day and there are lots of follicles in there doing what they are supposed to be doing.  I’m being stabbed three times an evening by my evil husband – no, not really evil.  He’s very awesome and helpful.  It’s easy to give yourself one shot because it’s pretty quick and the pain only lasts for a second but then knowing you have to do it two more times…I turn into a weenie.  This is where The Hubs comes in and helps me finish all the shots.  That’s love baby.

I will see the good doctor tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday and he estimates that Thursday will be the day.  The day they go take a bunch of eggs out.  Big stuff is happening!

In other news, we are house shopping.  I think I’ve mentioned that before but I’ve been officially resigned to living in the suburbs again.  This is a sad day for me.  I really want to live in the city.  But we’ve decided until I start big ball’n at work, we have to live in an area that has all the things we have on our wish list and a good school district.  Man, I sound like such a grown up.  Once we have our kiddo and I can re-commit to my career and advancing and of course, making more moola, I will get to pick (and support) where we live. Probably some place upscale since my taste usually ventures to the expensive. Sigh.

What do ya think?

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