It’s a Journey Right?

I cannot use the word journey without thinking of the band Journey- how about you?

Pretty rock’n 70’s band.  I mean, you’ve got to be proud when every wedding, karaoke bar and cover band play at least one of your songs, right?

Anyways, I’m way off subject.  I just wanted to remind myself that there is more to my life then infertility.  Sometimes it has a way of completely taking over my thoughts and prayers but I have to remember there is more to this journey, then this small piece of the pie.

With that said, things that are going on with the Hubs and I:  We vowed to save money and pay a few debts off so we can try and buy a house (again) this summer.  Then the Hubs calls me today at work to tell me his truck repairs cost $1400.  Oh the joy of owning a car that is paid off (which is code for old).

We had a low key weekend with the exception of celebrating a very good friend’s birthday.  We went to Kobe Steaks in Addison.  I will start off with saying, I love hibachi style restaurants.  You know – where the chefs are working their magic right at your table?  It’s dinner and a show!  There are obviously a lot of other people that feel the same way because we arrived at 7:00 pm and were told an hour and half wait.  I look at the Hubs and say, “naaaah they always over exaggerate the time frame, we can wait”.  Oh we waited.  A full hour and a half. 

I didn’t mind because we got a seat in the lounge and we were there to enjoy each others company.  Everyone had a few drinks and we randomly ran into a friend that we hadn’t spoken to in months, to which we all pretended there was no elephant in the room.  Anywaysssss back to dinner – I ordered the chicken and the Hubs went with chicken, scallops and shrimp.  Both came with several courses: soup, salad, fried rice, entree and sherbet for dessert.  The chef was great.  Not overly cheesy but still did a few cool tricks.  Soup was sodium city but that was expected.  The salad was nothing fancy, reminded me of the bag kind you get at the grocer but the ranch dressing was almost like it was made with feta or something.  Very creamy and yummy and it just seemed to have something extra in it.  The main entree was key here.  The fried rice was to die for, the chicken had tons of flavor and I ended up with shrimp on my plate too, bonus!  The broccoli, mushrooms, zucchini and whatever else the threw on my plate was cooked to perfection.  We had wonderful service and overall a great time.  I recommend if you are ever in the area but choose to go early, 5:30-6:00ish or late, after 8:00 PM.

Sunday was the aforementioned truck problems while we were out house hunting.  I am stuck on wanting to live in the city – no more suburbs! Alas, the problem seems to be price and location.  Isn’t that always the issue?  I’m not even worried about having to do work on the house (helps that the Hubs is a construction guy) but we are particular on the size of the lot.  This is posing a problem for the Allen’s to agree on something anything. 

Any ideas on how to get the Hubs to agree with me on this home shopping adventure?  Torture isn’t appropriate 🙂

What do ya think?

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