Never Ending Disappointment

Well that should clue you in that we are not pregnant. As usual.

I’m so tired.  I’m so frustrated.  I’m so sad.  I keep feeling like I’m the only one.  Which I know I’m not.  Hell, you could google “infertility blogs” and there are plenty out there talking about the same journey I’m on and I imagine there are 4567890 more people out there that don’t share their story with the world wide web.

I’m just having the damnedest time trying to stay positive.  Trying to remind myself that we aren’t truly at our last option (IVF) and that we can keep doing this.  Problem is, I cannot seem to convince myself to stay optimistic.

Change of subject: Ringing in the new year with some of my favorite people was such a good time.  We had a pretty big bump in our night when we arrived at the NYE Bash we bought $80 tickets for and couldn’t get out of a line.  Line to get in the place.  Line to check our coats.  Line to get a drink.  Line to get food.  We were there approximately an hour and never got out of line.  Hell the lines barely moved.  EventBrite were the hosts and I guess they contracted it out and it wasn’t taken care of as promised.  They are actually taking legal action and we are hopefully getting a refund! 

We relocated our group to the Uptown Pub and walked straight in, got drinks and a couple of tables.  We probably looked like idiots because we were cheering quite loudly to the bartender (Stephanie) because there was zero wait and we were totally over dressed.  Everyone there, about 20 people, seemed to feed off our energy because it was pretty quiet when we arrived but shortly thereafter, it was abuzz.  It turned out to be a wonderful New Years Eve.

The Hubs and I were also lucky to attend the 2013 Cotton Bowl with Texas A&M and Oklahoma University and it was a butt kicking.  The Hubs is A&M Alum and it’s been a great year to be a fan.  With the quarterback, Johnny Manziel, winning the Heisman (first freshman), an overall 11-2 season and winning the Cotton Bowl, it was just icing on the cake.

So next up on the agenda is a low key January (with another IUI treatment…I think) and sometime in February we are going to take a trip to Austin and SA. 

Happy 2013 Blog world!

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