End of Year 2012 (5th year of Trying)

Wowzers, only 4 days left until we start writing ’13 for all of our dates.  Nuts!

I’ve already gone over my list of things I’m thankful for, so I won’t do that again but I will summarize my fertility journey.

Married at ripe age of twenty five and immediately after our wedding we wanted babies.  See, my plan had been to have two, maybe three kiddos before I ever turned 30.  My friends all took bets I’d be pregnant by February (we were married in Oct). It is obvious that God and I didn’t see eye to eye on that plan, I am now…cough, 28, cough… and I still have no kids.

Like every young, healthy couple we didn’t stress to terribly bad after and entire year had passed and we had no luck.  I visited my OB-GYN and she recommended the Clomid but with a warning that there are limited amounts that she would prescribe since it increases your chance of cervical cancer. OK, thanks for scaring me. The Hubs also got tested around this time as well and given the all clear. At this point in my life I was still dead set against IVF.  I worried that doctor’s playing God could only be a bad thing.  My opinion slowly changes over the next 4 years.

Two full years into trying and I’m officially worrying.  If you know me, you know I worry about everything and everyone.  So the good doctor in San Antonio refers me to a fertility specialist to ensure my tubes aren’t blocked.  Again, given the all clear and looking good.  There was a 6 month period of time around here where The Hubs was working out of town.  We concluded that probably had something to do with it…right? We agree to stop worrying about it and go with the flow. Everyone always says, “as soon as you stop trying, it happens”.  NOT.

Another year passes and nada.  We also moved to Houston somewhere in here and I started a different OBGYN practice.  These doctor’s were far more “hands on”, requiring ultra sounds, blood work and shots. Which made me noticed how “hands off” my SA doctor had been (for two years!).

The year living in Houston was when we attempted the more ‘natural’ approach and tried to learn my body better.  That was the Creighton Model tracking of the discharge.  It was also a pretty stressful time for The Hubs and when we learned we were moving again, I pretty much gave up. We agreed when we got to Dallas we would either A. find another more aggressive approach or B. Adopt.

After much deliberation and lots of tears (and more worrying on my part) we decided to go to an IVF doctor.  Enter Dr. Le.  You are pretty much caught up from there.

Yesterday’s IUI was acutally performed by Dr. Haas (partner) at Advance Reproductive Center and it  wasn’t bad but it wasn’t a walk in the park either.  A bit uncomfortable (as is pretty much everything that happens down there) and a little bit of cramping but hopefully we created the perfect storm.  The Hubs swimmers were at about 4 million and I had 3-4 eggs ready.  The stats for IUIs really aren’t that great but I’ve been doing a lot of reading and I found out that IUI’s are recommend a lot without really establishing the cause of infertility by OB-GYNs.  So for us, since we’ve gone through the ringer to eliminate all reasons, we are hoping the first go round works…and sticks. 

So please send your prayers, wishes, luck…we’ll take whatever you’ve got!  The next two weeks are going to move too slow.

What do ya think?

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