Tis The Season

To get terribly behind on your blog huh?

So this very morning, in approximately 15 minutes, I’ll be leaving for the first IUI.  Intro-uterine insemination for the less informed (probably perfectly fertile) individual.  The Hubs was already there this morning and I’m headed over shortly.

I’m worried but trying to remain optimistic…the power of positive thinking, right? 

Just to let you in on what these past two weeks have entailed, fertility wise, it’s been shots daily with the Gonal-F pen (interesting) which is sort of a stronger version of Clomid – that’s the best way I can explain it.  LOTS of ultra sounds to look at my eggs and then one last shot on Christmas Day of the Ovidrel again to hopefully force ovulation.  Sooooo all that leads up to today.  In two weeks, I take a pregnancy test and we will be pregnant.  Can I talk my body into it? 

Wish us luck.

What do ya think?

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