Surgery Day!

Eeeek!  I haven’t had surgery since I was 18.  Sometimes I cannot believe how nonchalantly I approached that surgery anyways.  We were at a friend’s ranch in west Texas, recently graduated from high school and soon to be leaving some of my besties behind, as I went to college. 

But first, first I had to get my knee fixed.  I managed to tear up the meniscus trying (key word trying) to play tennis. Back to the ranch…we played paint ball (reigning champ here) and went hiking and laid out in the million degree sun for a lonnnng weekend.  Then, Monday at 4:00 am we get up and drive five straight hours to the hospital so I can be admitted.  I think my mom was going to stroke out when we finally got there. 

During the aforementioned paint ball game, I managed to jump up and my skull met with a cliff overhang.  I had a nasty gash in my head.  During one of the hikes, I somehow slid down part of the rock I was climbing and shredded both of my knees/shins.  Oh and thrown in a good ol sunburn.  When I saw the nurses before hand they weren’t quite sure what I was having surgery on but knew I needed help! 

Needless to say, I’m not approaching this procedure with the same crazy-ness vigor.  It is scheduled for 12:30 today and I’m not allowed to eat or drink anything starting midnight last night.  I’ve never been so thirsty in my life! It’s probably not that dramatic but once I’m told I cannot do something…I automatically need to do whatever it is.  Of course during pre-op yesterday they talk about all the stuff that could go wrong.  That’s always a fun conversation. I’m confident in Dr. Le and I think everything will go perfectly fine.  One thing that is super weird to me is they said my shoulder could hurt.  Huh?  Well I guess when they inflate my abdomen with gas it has to leave the body somehow and it’s not in any of my organs, so it just expels though the skin.  WEIRD!!

So here I wait patiently for departure to the surgery center and I think…I hope they find something. Isn’t that weird?  Because if they don’t find anything we are still at ground zero.  No reason as to why we cannot get pregnant.  So as much as I pride myself on being healthy and taking care of myself, I want something to be wrong, if only so I can have an explanation at least.

Wish me luck!

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