Weekend Wrap Up

On Saturday I, and two of my girlfriends from college, went back to our good ‘ol Alma mater and attended the University of North Texas Homecoming football game.  I left the DFW area pretty quickly after I graduated to follow the Hubs (not the Hubs at the time) to San Antonio where he had a job lined up.  Since we’ve moved back, I am excited to be around other alumni again.  The Hubs is an Aggie so he has alumni everywhere (I swear that school is like a cult…a friendly cult) but you don’t come across as many Mean Green Eagles in south Texas….

We did a little bit of tailgating, meeting a fellow alum who was celebrating her 25 years from graduation.  Her husband and kiddos pulled up next to us and we all proceeded to have a great time together.  It was quite random how much fun we had, being complete strangers only moments before.  Reminds me how great it is to live in the south, where everyone is friendly.

Lets not talk about the score.

On Sunday, the Hubs and I decided to go look at areas where we could possibly want to live one day.  We rent now but eventually we’d like to buy again.  Even though we still have a house in San Antonio area….do you know anyone that wants to buy a house in Selma?  We have renters currently, and supposedly when you have renters the mortgage companies look at it like an investment property (instead of more debt) and we could actually get approved to buy another house.  Oooo I’m rambling.

Anyways, the area I’m truly in love with, Kessler Park/Stevens Park, is sorta…kinda out of our price range.  By a few hundred thousand dollars.  That’s all. So we went exploring in a different part of Dallas and found a couple of areas we really liked.  They are all older homes, with established trees (which is a huge deal for the Hubs) and good size lots.  We quickly went from homes in our range, to million dollar homes which was funny and frustrating and positive all at once.  Either way, we’ve established another area that we are interested in with a more realistic price range.  Note to self: stay away from the million dollar mansions.
During aforementioned house hunt, this girl became ravishingly hungry.  We ended up Google map-ing and finding a place called Fernando’s.  Boy, am I glad we found this place! We went to the Midway and Loop 12 location around 12 pm-ish.  It’s in a storefront with a mini patio our front but we opted to sit inside because we could be seated immediately (this was important as I mentioned, I was about to eat my arm off).  It was very busy and loud inside but after a moment, we adjusted and it didn’t bother us at all.  The service was stellar, it felt like we had 10 people waiting on us, but not in a bad way.  I didn’t catch our waitress’s name but she was quick and very sweet with a little bit of humor. 

We started with mimosas ($2.00 unlimited with purchase of an entree).  The chips were warm, served with an assortment of salsas.  Green = creamy and mild, Red = typical salsa, Dark Green = fire roasted with a good kick (our fav).  We ordered chili con queso that I would skip next time, not the best.  I ordered off the brunch menu and got the “Mexican Tortilla Chicken Sandwich”.  It was perfect.  Corn tortillas layered with shredded chicken and re fried beans, covered in a tomatillo sauce with sour cream, avocados and tomatoes on the side.  It also came with a (strange) side of Mexican potatoes that had onions, chorizo and peppers.  I passed on those (not a chorizo eater) but the Hubs said they were actually really good.  Speaking of, the Hubs ordered the “Anita” and he was pleased.  It was a basic 2 enchiladas, beef taco and a chalupa but he said everything was hot and had great flavor.  This is his “go to” order at Mexican restaurants no matter how I try to get him to mix it up.

The price range was a bit high for Mexican food, around the $12-15 range, but the drink specials made it completely worth it.  Also note: we were leaving around 1-ish and there was a good size/long wait.  With that said, we both really enjoyed our visit and will definitely make another trip to Fernando’s in the future….especially if it’s in our “future” neighborhood!

One thought on “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. Natalie Hinkley November 6, 2012 / 7:50 PM

    I miss UNT tailgating! And you should eat chorizo, it is good! 🙂

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