How to Have Fun Without Spending Money

Happy Friday!!!!!  I must start off saying that.  Even though I do love my job, I still live for the weekends. 

So the Hubs and I are in a slump financially with a lot of extra expenses that popped up over the past month.  This means we are doing our darnedest to not spend money.  This is hard for a young (30 is still young!) kid-less couple.  We have the freedom to do happy hours or dinner and a movie dates and not have to worry about babysitters.  The downfall, those things all cost money.  We’ve said for years that we’d cut back as soon as we have a kiddo because we would have “entertainment” on the weekends.  Before you say anything, I know kids are expensive but it’s a different kind of expense.  More justifiable then spending $200+ on the weekends trying to entertain ourselves.  So in order to not dip into savings and just scale back we are on lock down.

This weekend we are going to try not to spend much moola.  I did already had a girl date set up with a friend to get pedicures at Onyx Nail Bar after work today ($30 and pre-approved by the Hubs) and I must add, this place rocks.  They call themselves a luxury nail salon and include a cocktail of choice with an ahhhhmazing pedicure. It’s in uptown off Cedar Springs and if I lived closer I would never go anywhere else.  Actually, now that I think about how past due I am for a pedicure, I haven’t been anywhere else since I tried this place a few months ago. Please, try it out!

The Hubs has to work on Saturday but I am headed to Denton for our Homecoming game of my alum – University of North Texas!  Cawwww!  Myself and a few of my fav college friends are going to the game. Another $30 for the ticket but that was purchased prior to our lock down on funds.  There will be minimal reasons to spend money and we’ll get to see our new stadium.  Too bad our football team is 3-5 and not predicted to win 😦

new Apogee Stadium

Sunday I was thinking we could hit up the new Dallas park that just opened.  Klyde Warren Park first opened it’s “doors/gates” last weekend and it’s a deck park in downtown that crosses over the highway.  It’s quite cool and I’d like to check it out.  Since there is not much parking (this park is truely for people who live in the city) we could get some good cardio in riding our bikes there.  Sounds like a good plan to me!

cool right?

What about you?  What do you do when you’re trying not to spend money?

What do ya think?

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